Kokorono is a material exploration lighting project created  by a holistic sense of calmness inspired by the beauty of water through ceramic material. Designed for the generation that has been effected by daily sensory overload as a way to meditate using ceramic translucency, and water movement inspired form. Kokorono uses native Japanese ceramic material to give this a light a homage to Japanese meditation lifestyle.

Material Exploration
Rapid Prototype


Exchange Study at
TAMA Art University

Collaborative Research with
Nicole Yu//Environmetal Design

The Brief           
The brief of the class was to imagine the future of ceramics. The approach our team took was to look into Japan’s spiritial relationship with water and the raw materials involved in ceramics. The craft has a long and rich history in Japan, what if ceramics could represent the cultural onsen (cleansing of the spirit) elementals of its origin?

Material Exploration

We looked into raw materials and discovered discarded fragments of pottery as a potential resource that would represent the past history of Japan’s ceramic lifespan.

The dicarded peices were ground finely until the partical size was fine enough to incorporate into the glaze. This mixture fo fragmented particals and glaze was stable enough to uphold during the intense ceramic firing process.

Design Process
We were immensly inspired by traditional Japanese ceremonies involving water as source of emotional cleansing and wanted to incorporate these rituals and its significants into the design to instill its cultural significance.

Inspiration was taken from the traditional Japanese sense of peace through the spaces between and used this to make the mainform of the light using CNC and 3D modeling to capture the movement of water. The aim is to bring this traditional restorative activity of onsen into a quiet space for relaxation.

Kokorono was a cultural design collaboration. Bringing the essence of Japanese wabi sabi attitude of life into a meditative lighting product that users can enjoy its tactile features and restore a moment of peace and awe in its creation.